Identity Recovery and Fraud Coverage

Identity theft victims have to spend their own money and, as significantly, a considerable amount of time and energy to clear their credit history and correct identity records. Victims frequently mention that correcting their identity records and credit history is an immensely frustrating, humbling and time-consuming experience. To address this threat, Nazareth Mutual offers Identity Recovery and Fraud coverage which provides up to a $25,000 benefit for the following covered expenses:

  • Lost wages as a result of time away from work to correct credit or history records
  • Cost of obtaining credit bureau reports
  • Fees when reapplying for loans initially declined due to falsified credit information
  • Postage, phone and shipping fees
  • Certain legal fees caused by identity theft
  • Notary & filing fees
  • Coverage for Fraud losses resulting from Identity Theft, credit or debit card fraud, check forgery, counterfeit cash and miscellaneous fraud events

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