Homeowners Policy

The responsibility of owning a home can be overwhelming; you need to provide a level of protection to help you through any disaster. A homeowner's policy with Nazareth Mutual Insurance Company can provide you with the protection and peace of mind needed to enjoy your home. We even include sink hole coverage in our policies at no extra charge.
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Business Owners Policy

Being insured by a financially strong and reliable insurance company with excellent claim service is important to businessowners. Nazareth Mutual can offer this peace of mind.

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Dwelling Fire


Nazareth Mutual Offers a Dwelling Fire Policy for:

One to four family rental dwellings

Private Garages

Vacant Dwellings

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Manufactured Homes

Nazareth Mutual Insurance Company can insure your Manufactured home and provide coverage for your residence and personal property while offering the liability coverage an owner needs.  A Nazareth Mutual manufactured home policy protects the owner from the same perils as a stick-built home and can be endorsed to add many additional coverage options.  Policyholders also have the opportunity to receive a premium discount if they have been claim-free for the past three years.

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Seasonal/Secondary Homes

Nazareth Mutual Insurance Company can assist you if you own a second home that you use on a seasonal basis and do not rent out to others.  This is beneficial to non-residents who own vacation homes in Pennsylvania.

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This type of policy is typically referred to as a Renters policy because it provides coverage for your personal property when you rent a home or apartment. 

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Condominium Owners

A condominium owner’s policy is designed to supplement the coverage provided to you by the Condominium Association’s master policy. 

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Farm Fire

A Nazareth Mutual Farm Fire policy can protect farm buildings, farm equipment, livestock and arms produce against fire, lightning and explosion.

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Equipment Breakdown

Breakdown coverage is designed to protect equipment that is built-in or permanently attached to the home

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Identity Recovery and Fraud Coverage

Nazareth Mutual offers Identity Recovery and Fraud coverage which provides up to a $25,000 benefit for several covered expenses.

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