Manufactured Homes

A manufactured home is a home that's built in stages at a warehouse or building site and then delivered to your site and placed on a permanent foundation. It could be delivered in sections or built completely on site just like a stick built home from scratch. Most are built at a warehouse & delivered in sections to you.  A mobile home is delivered to your site on wheels and is a complete, self-contained home all by itself.  Mobile homes are usually not placed on a permanent foundation.


Nazareth Mutual Insurance Company can insure your Manufactured home and provide coverage for your residence and personal property while offering the liability coverage an owner needs.  A Nazareth Mutual manufactured home policy protects the owner from the same perils as a stick-built home and can be endorsed to add many additional coverage options.  Policyholders also have the opportunity to receive a premium discount if they have been claim-free for the past three years.


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