In most cases, your landlord’s insurance policy does not protect the personal things in your apartment, rented house or condo, just the dwelling itself.

In the event your personal belongings are stolen, damaged, or lost due to a fire, weather event or other covered loss, without renters insurance coverage, you’ll pay out-of-pocket to replace them.

Renters Insurance Myth 1:

Your personal belongings will be replaced by your landlord’s insurance company if they’re stolen, damaged or lost due to flood, fire, or a catastrophic event.

Renters Insurance Myth 2:

Renters insurance coverage is expensive and not worth the cost.

 Both of above myths are absolutely false.

The cost of renters insurance is very reasonable, around $1-$2 per day, and it covers your personal items which may be stolen or lost to fire, flood, or a catastrophic event.

Naturally, the cost of renters insurance depends on the dollar value of the belongings you wish to cover, including electronics, jewelry, securities, furniture, clothing and other items of value. Renters insurance also may cover your living expenses in the event your apartment is damaged and can’t be lived in.

A basic renters insurance policy from Nazareth Mutual Insurance Company covers the contents of your apartment such as furniture, clothing, TV’s, computers, kitchenware, home decor, your bed and bedding, and other belongings. If your apartment is damaged and can’t be lived in, your tenant insurance will cover the cost of your expenses while you live elsewhere during construction. It may also help pay for medical expenses incurred by you if you suffer bodily injury as a result of a covered event.

Nazareth Mutual also includes Property Damage Liability and Personal Liability coverage in every renters insurance policy to protect you in the event someone is injured or dies in your home by an action for which you’re legally responsible. The renters policy also provides for loss of use in the event your rented home or apartment is unfit to live in due to a covered loss.

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