Are you protected from fraud?

More than 17 million Americans are the victims of identity theft and fraud every year.

If your identity is stolen, it may cost you thousands of dollars and many hours to restore the damage to your credit and finances.

Some credit card companies protect you against charges on their cards, but what if someone opens bank accounts or medical accounts in your name using your social security number and other personal information?

              The bottom line is:

It can take years to correct your credit history and reverse the fraudulent charges and other financial damage committed by criminals in your name. Having identity theft insurance from Nazareth Mutual will help you recover your reputation sooner with fewer hours invested on your part and less frustration.

Nazareth Mutual Insurance offers Identity Recovery and Fraud insurance coverage with a $25,000 benefit which covers:

  • Lost wages as a result of time away from work to correct credit or history records
  • Cost of obtaining credit bureau reports
  • Fees when reapplying for loans initially declined due to falsified credit information
  • Postage, phone and shipping fees
  • Certain legal fees caused by identity theft
  • Notary & filing fees
  • Coverage for fraud losses resulting from Identity Theft, credit or debit card fraud, check forgery, counterfeit cash, and miscellaneous fraud events

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