Dwelling Fire Insurance, also known as Landlord Insurance

covers the owner of a rental property (Landlord) against property damages, liability, and loss of income when a covered claim leaves the rental property uninhabitable.

Nazareth Mutual writes Landlord Insurance policies for rental properties with up to 4 units.

Unlike other insurance companies, Nazareth Mutual issues landlord insurance policies to out of state residents who own and rent properties in Pennsylvania and we do not require that you insure your primary home with us. Our rental property insurance policies can be tailored to your exact needs, with plenty of flexibility and choices.

Your rental property is a serious investment, one you may be counting                        on for extra income now or in retirement.

Landlord Property Protection

helps pay for repairs on your rental property if it’s damaged by fire, weather events, and other covered losses. It may also cover the cost of repairs for structures on the investment property such as a detached garage, shed or fence; loss of rental income while repairs are made; and personal property used to service the rental property like a lawnmower or snow blower.

Landlord Liability Protection

covers you in the event that someone is injured on your rental property and you’re found liable for their medical and legal expenses.

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