Nazareth Mutual offers Inland Flood Insurance coverage for Pennsylvania homeowners and

dwelling fire policyholders.

Inland flood insurance coverage may include: 

  • Damage to your residence and other permanent structures on your property
  • Personal property like that in a basement or a sunken room
  • Loss of use
  • Property you moved to a safe area
  • Debris removal

What’s the definition of an Inland Flood?

An inland flood occurs when streams and rivers overflow and partially or totally cover normally dry land; rapid rain accumulation, runoff or melting snow that doesn’t drain away or soak into the ground; or when water carries mud which becomes a mudflow.

Inland Flood Insurance is not the same as flood insurance covered under the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program). With higher limits, surcharges, and exclusion of common exposures, NFIP policies are not a good fit for residents in low to moderate flood risk areas.

Why buy inland flood insurance?

The average losses from inland flood damage are $27,000 per event and are not usually covered by the typical homeowners insurance policy. That’s why we suggest that our clients add this inexpensive coverage as an endorsement on their homeowners or dwelling fire protection policy. Designed specifically for Pennsylvania residents in lower flood risk areas, it also covers property in the basement and loss of use, coverages that are excluded by the NFIP.

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